Worldwide Integral Calculus

David B. Massey




Worldwide Integral Calculus

Worldwide Integral Calculus with infinite series

David B. Massey – Northeastern University

ISBN-10: 0-9842071-5-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-9842071-5-2
657 Pages
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Integral Calculus is the study of continuous sums of infinitesimal contributions; these continuous sums are known as integrals. This book is written by David B. Massey, Ph.D., an award-winning teacher and world-renowned research mathematician, who has been teaching college students for 30 years. He emphasizes intuitive ideas in conjunction with rigorous statements of theorems, and provides a large number of illustrative examples. In the accompanying videos, Dr. Massey lectures on the core material from each section.




Chapter 1 Anti-differentiation: the Indefinite Integral
1.1 Basic Anti-Differentiation
1.1.1 Exercises
1.2 Special Trig. Integrals and Trig
1.2.1 Exercises
1.3 Integration by Partial Fractions
1.3.1 Exercises
1.4 Integration using Hyperbolic Sine and Cosine
1.4.1 Exercises

Chapter 2 Continuous Sums: the Definite Integral
2.1 Sums and Differences
2.1.1 Exercises
2.2 Prelude to the Definite Integral
2.2.1 Exercises
2.3 The Definite Integral
2.3.1 Exercises
2.4 The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
2.4.1 Exercises
2.5 Improper Integrals
2.5.1 Exercises
2.6 Numerical Techniques
2.6.1 Exercises
Appendix 2.A Technical Matters

Chapter 3 Applications of Integration
3.1 Displacement and Distance Traveled
3.1.1 Exercises
3.2 Area in the Plane
3.2.1 Exercises
3.3 Distance Traveled in Space and Arc Length
3.3.1 Exercises
3.4 Area Swept Out and Polar Coordinates
3.4.1 Exercises
3.5 Volume
3.5.1 Exercises
3.6 Surface Area
3.6.1 Exercises
3.7 Mass and Density
3.7.1 Exercises
3.8 Centers of Mass and Moments
3.8.1 Exercises
3.9 Work and Energy
3.9.1 Exercises
3.10 Hydrostatic Pressure
3.10.1 Exercises

Chapter 4 Polynomials and Power Series
4.1 Approximating Polynomials
4.1.1 Exercises
4.2 Approximation of Functions
4.2.1 Exercises
4.3 Error in Approximation
4.3.1 Exercises
4.4 Functions as Power Series
4.4.1 Exercises
4.5 Power Series as Functions I
4.5.1 Exercises
4.6 Power Series as Functions II
4.6.1 Exercises
4.7 Power Series Solutions
4.7.1 Exercises
Appendix 4.A Technical Matters

Chapter 5 Theorems on Sequences and Series

5.1 Theorems on Sequences
5.1.1 Exercises
5.2 Basic Theorems on Series
5.2.1 Exercises
5.3 Non-negative Series
5.3.1 Exercises
5.4 Series with Positive and Negative Terms
5.4.1 Exercises

Appendix A An Introduction to Vectors and Motion
Appendix B Tables of Integration Formulas
Appendix C Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises




- Written by an award-winning mathematics professor with 30 years of teaching experience

- Down-to-Earth exposition, presented as it would be spoken in class

- Completely rigorous definitions, statements of theorems, and proofs

- Technical proofs at the end of each chapter, to avoid disrupting the exposition

- Margin side-remarks and historical references

- Hyperlinked table of contents, index, and cross-references

- Embedded video links to full-length lectures

- Video-solutions to select exercises

- PDF format, compatible with all computers, tablets, and mobile devices

- Low cost in electronic or print form




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Student Testimonials:
Taken from anonymous surveys dis­tributed by faculty members at the end of the course after implementing the Worldwide Calculus eTextbooks.

“Watching the lectures before class was really helpful and allowed me to grasp the concepts better in class.”

“The videos were extremely convenient. They were basically full lectures that could be watched at any time. When I was com­fortable with a concept, I could easily skip through it in the video and move on to harder concepts.”

“I watched the videos when I missed class or didn’t understand the topic well enough. The videos supplemented the material suf­ficiently and well.”

“I liked the writing, especially how the fi­nal theorems were boxed so they were easy to find.”

“The calculus book covers a broad range of topics. The writing in the book is very easy to read and conversational.”

“The explanations of each topic were thorough, especially the proofs. It was good to see it explained in theory and ap­plication.”

Faculty Testimonials:
“I love your concept - it has the potential to become a very, very unique look at Calculus within the context of our entire world.”
High School Teacher

“I like the flow of the book. The progression makes sense and it keeps teachers from jumping around from chapter to chapter.”
High School Teacher

“It provides such a cost effective way to provide a textbook to my calculus students.”
University Professor

“I like the friendly and lecture style presentation of the book.”
University Professor

“The author has put more thought than other authors into examples and solutions. He does a good job to using examples to motivate mathematical concepts.”
University Professor




David Massey
David B. Massey received his Ph.D. in mathematics in 1986 for his results in the area of complex analytic singularities. He taught for two years at Duke as a graduate student, and then for two years, 1986-1988, as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Notre Dame. In 1988, he was awarded a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, and went to conduct research on singularities at Northeastern University. In 1991, he assumed a regular faculty position in the Mathematics Department at Northeastern. He has remained at Northeastern University ever since, where he is now a Full Professor.